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The Idaho STEM Action Center and its partners

are proud to bring 3 regional

Science & Engineering Fairs to Idaho for 2022.  


WISEF (Western Idaho Science & Engineering Fair)

in partnership with Micron

February 25, 2022, Boise State University, Boise


EISEF (Eastern Idaho Science & Engineering Fair)

in partnership with INL

March 4, 2022  Idaho State University, Pocatello     

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NISEF (Northern Idaho Science & Engineering Fair) 

March 11, 2022, Coeur d'Alene Convention Center, Coeur d'Alene

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 ISEF (International Science & Engineering Fair) 

May 8-13, 2022, Atlanta, Georgia


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On this site, you can:

  • Register your student account and project
  • Register your teacher account
  • Find resources 
  • Sign up to be a judge or volunteer

For more information on the Idaho Science & Engineering Fairs, including sponsors and grant opportunities for teachers, please go to the Idaho STEM Action Center website or contact us at idahosciencefairs@gmail.com



  • 12/17/2021 -  Online registration closes - project registration cannot be started after this date
  • 1/28/2022  - Deadline for all ISEF forms to be complete and submitted
  • 2/11/2022- Deadline for submitting Abstract
  • Regional Fairs! (see dates and locations below)

WHO - High school students: grades 9-12 (public schools, private schools, home schools)

WHAT - Regional STEM research competitions: Eastern Idaho (EISEF), Western Idaho (WISEF), Northern Idaho (NISEF)


  • 2/25/2022 - Western Idaho Science & Engineering Fair (WISEF) - BSU, Boise
  • 3/4/2022 - Eastern Idaho Science & Engineering Fair (EISEF) - ISU, Pocatello
  • 3/11/2022 - Northern Idaho Science & Engineering Fair (NISEF) - Convention Center, Coeur d'Alene

WHY - Opportunity to share your work and make a difference, awards and recognition, preparation for STEM career, chance to compete at the International Science & Engineering Fair (ISEF)

HOW - Register through zfairs, conduct an independent STEM research project, present your research!

From this website, you will be able to register and complete the forms you need for your project - registration and  form updates will be completed for 2021-2022 by late August.  If you want to begin your research before next school year, please email your research plan to: idahosciencefairs@gmail.com

"WHAT DO I NEED TO DO FIRST?" - each of the steps below includes an active link to additional information 

  1. Select a Research Question.pptx
  2. Develop a Research Plan.pptx including as much detail as possible
  3. Register.pptx through zfairs and complete your research documents on the Project Dashboard.pptx
  4. After your project is approved, begin Experimentation.pptx
  5. Collect and Analyze.pptx your data
  6. Complete your results, conclusions, and implications.pptx of your research. 
  7. Submit your Abstract.docx
  8. Prepare your Presentation Poster following the Project guidelines.pptx
  9. Present.pptx at the Regional Fair! Fair Day Tips.docx


Welcome Teachers !

You will use this website to keep track of your students' paperwork. 

When your students fill out their registration, their responses to questions will determine which forms they will need to submit.  However, if you would like to look at this before your students register, click the link below for the ISEF Rule Wizard which allows you to answer a few questions, and shows you which forms your students will need.  These forms are all available electronically through this website and may be completed online, including electronic signatures.  There is also an option to download and print out forms if necessary. 

ISEF Rules Wizard

***Please make sure all of your students have registered for the correct fair (Northern, Eastern, or Western Idaho) and category***

Presentation Information

We will be following the International Science & Engineering Fair (ISEF) guidelines for student project presentations in order to best prepare our participants to be ISEF Finalists. The 2022 Fairs will be in-person, so students will need to prepare a poster presentation of their research and be ready to speak to judges directly during Fair Day.  Additional information and project resources are available through the student home page.  The following doc is a sample research timeline to help you and your students stay on track throughout the year.

Example Science Research Timeline.docx

STEM  Action Center ISEF Materials Grant

Public school educators with students participating in a regional Idaho Science and Engineering Fair can apply for up to $1,000 to purchase classroom materials for student projects. The amount awarded will be based on the number of student projects approved to participate in the fair. Educators will receive $100/student project, up to a maximum of $1,000. Multiple teachers at the same school may apply for this grant, with a maximum award per school per year of $3,000.

There is also travel funding available, determined by your school's distance from the nearest regional fair. 

Learn more and apply at https://stem.idaho.gov/isef/

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at: idahosciencefairs@gmail.com

Teacher Registration

Please register following the instructions in: RegisterTeacher.pptx through this site before having your students register.  This allows your students to choose you from a pulldown list - rather than having 5 different versions of your name entered by various students.  

If there are any problems with registering, please contact Merrie Rampy at idahosciencefairs@gmail.com and we will resolve the issue ASAP.


Judging is an extremely important part of the fair, and is one of the most valuable experience for our students. We definitely appreciate your willingness to participate in this process.  All information will be kept confidential and will be used only for the purposes of operating the Idaho Science & Engineering Fairs. 

Previous experience in judging science fairs at the local, state, or national level is helpful, but not required. Please review the requirements below before registering. The requirements may be found at: Fair (at the top of the page) --> Fair Information --> Judging Criteria.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at: idahosciencefairs@gmail.com

There will tentatively be six judging categories for all three regional fairs:

     1. Animal, Biomedical, and Microbiology

     2. Behavioral and Social Sciences

     3. Earth, Environmental, and Plants

     4. Engineering

     5. Math, Computer Science, and Embedded Systems

     6. Physical Sciences (Physics, Astronomy, Chemistry, Materials,...)

Descriptions of each category may be found by going to Fair (at the top of the page) --> Fair Information --> Categories.

To start the registration process, click on Register (at the top of the page) --> Judges.



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